We offer the following range of roofline products:

We understand the importance of roofline that holds aesthetic charm as well as the ability to perform over time. The following benefits are what make Everest Roofline the perfect choice for your home.

Unique to Everest

  • Installation speed – we install quality bespoke roofline products within 6-weeks of purchase
  • Lifetime guarantee against discolouration on our white uPVC fascia, soffits, bargeboard and cladding products

And still there’s more…

  • Rigorously tested for durability with watertight seals to prevent leaks
  • Smart finish with fascias perfectly concealing and protecting the ends of your roof rafters, leaving no unsightly gaps or holes
  • Solid boards up to 25mm thick enabling the guttering to take heavier loads of rain
  • Ventilation system to protect your roof and walls from water
  • Bird combs to prevent birds from nesting in your rafters
  • Made-to-measure for a perfect fit leaving your home looking attractive and clean for years to come
  • Virtually maintenance free, so no more having to climb up ladders
  • A choice of colours – 3-5 options for each roofline option
  • 20-year guarantee on cast-iron effect and white guttering and downpipes
  • 10-year guarantee on all other roofline colours

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