We’re pleased to announce the launch of GrabLock, our most innovative and secure window lock yet, developed exclusively with leading lock manufacturer, Yale, the home security specialists. Made of highly durable and non-corrosive aluminium, the window lock not only offers you the best in home security, it’s also been designed to be stylish and discreet.

GrabLock has three times the locking surface area of a standard, multi-point or shoot-bolt window lock, making it our most secure lock ever. Formed of a sleek rotating cylinder that quite literally ‘grabs’ a specially designed 60mm long ‘keep’ on the window frame, makes it one of the most secure double glazing window locks because of the highly effective bond.


IS SUPER STRONG… The window security lock passed the strength test, by hanging the weight of a 600kg grand piano from it.

IS HIGHLY DURABLE… Passing weather and corrosion tests using salt spray and freezing temperatures.

STOPS INTRUDERS… Exceeding the British security standard test PAS 24 where we tried to break into the window for more than 15 minutes.

PASSED THE ENDURANCE TEST… Our robot, Billy, opened and closed the window and lock a whopping 30,000 times! The equivalent of 41 years of daily use.

IS VIRTUALLY IMPENETRABLE… Withstanding 4500 newtons of force making it virtually impossible to pass through or enter.

IS ‘SECURED BY DESIGN’… A seal of approval which is a police initiative to design out crime through better product design.

It’s safe to say, GrabLock passed the test! GrabLock surpassed all of our expectations, taking everything that was thrown, dropped, rammed and hung off it in its stride.


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